2 Simple Criteria to Choosing E-commerce Template Designs

18 Aug , 2017 Blog

2 Simple Criteria to Choosing E-commerce Template Designs

I can bet my bottom dollar that you’ve stared hopelessly at a wide range of website template designs wondering which one to choose. The truth is; the more template designs you look at, the more overwhelmed you become. In fact, they tend to look the same. Let’s just pardon you, because you might not be a web designer. It’s quite commonplace for people to feel overwhelmed when choosing the best template designs for their websites. Luckily, we’ve alienated that trouble by bringing you 2 simple criteria to assist you to select the best template for your e-commerce website:

  1. Content width choice for your e-commerce templates

There are two content width options to choose from; full-width and boxed-width. Full-width is well-suited for creative, modern designs. On the flip side, boxed-width is well-suited for conventional, business-focused designs.

As the name suggests, the full-width design is where the background image stretches the whole width of your device screen. It provides a look that mimics website content without boundaries. On the other hand, the boxed-with option shows a visible content frame both to the right and the left side of your device. Essentially, your content is boxed in a specific area. It’s imperative to think how you would like your website to look. However, this is only a general rule of thumb. Your eCommerce website can still operate efficiently with a full-width design.

  1. The e-commerce templates home page header layout that works for you

The header is the section on top of your home page. It usually contains slide shows, statistic images or play videos. The header is one of the most important parts of your website as visitors stumble across it first when they visit your site. Choosing the best header design for your home page is a long term decision and hinges on the kind of business you’re running. However, don’t be swayed by flashy pictures or videos when choosing a header for your website. Select a header that helps your business, not hurt it. A great header communicates your core message to site visitors. A crappy header will cause a lot of bounce rates to your website.

Selecting the right e-commerce template for your online store is like purchasing a house. It presents a lot of challenges, and you’re always afraid you could make the wrong decision. However, you can take the systematic approach highlighted above, and you’ll be on the right track to choosing the best website template design for your e-commerce site.